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Boost Productivity

Scheduleify is capable of creating most productive schedule for your day. Schedules are not just created but also can be mold based on your own schedule rules.

Powerful Design

Its unique design gives you a delightful user experience which makes you work more.


Scheduleify can be used as schedule maker, day planner, task manager, calendar, reminder or alarm app.


Readymade and Most Productive Schedule for Your Day

Your schedule will get ready before you wake up or you can preview next day’s schedule today itself, it will be awesome, right?
Scheduleify saves your daily 15-30 minutes of time by creating instant readymade schedule for your day.
Schedule is created based on your choices and using our smart algorithms to find best timings for your tasks so that you can utilize every minute of your day.

Your Schedule, Your Rules

Schedules are created completely based on your choices/rules. You can create multiple rules and apply to different days.
In rules, you can define your day start time, your goal, sleep time, exclude specific categories, schedule task having specific priority, automatically set alarm on day start time or change your schedule timings based on your alarms and many more...


Stay Organized using Categories

Categories are useful to organize and group relevant task, event or reminders together.

Get Distraction Free using Focus Mode

Focus mode will help you to focus on current task by showing necessary information on screen for current task.


Measure Your Achievement using Statistics

We always wanted to be a better version of ourself but how to measure that?
Here using Scheduleify’s statistics you can measure your achievements. Compare with previous day/week performance, total working hours and progress etc.

Be Always on Track

We always get distracted and to get back on track we need some kind of reminder.
Ringing notification will get your quick attention to focus on your next task and will help you to be on track.


Never Lose Your Data

Keep backup of your data on secure cloud storage or on your device.

Smart Alarms

Easily set recurring alarms, select ringtone, gradually increase alarm volume etc. Scheduleify can create your day schedule based on your alarm time. Your day will start when you dismiss.


Automatic Alarms

Do you always forget to set alarms?
No worries, Scheduleify’s automatic alarms will wake you on time based on your rules/settings.

Get Enough Rest for Your Day

Do you want to sleep more on specific days and adjust schedule accordingly?
No worries, Scheduleify’s rules can help you, set your sleep duration in rules and apply to specific day.



Do you have different goals for different days like sometimes you want to finish important task first, or you want to do more task in less time, or you want finish bigger task first?
No worries, Scheduleify’s rules can help you, set your goal in rules and apply to specific day.

Exclude Any Specific Category

Do you want to exclude any specific category from your schedule on specific day?
No worries, Scheduleify’s rules can help you, exclude any category rules and apply to specific day.


Ongoing In App Widget

Widget will show you, your ongoing task all time on all screens in the app, so that you can easily see the current task.

Motivational Quotes

Get daily motivational quotes to keep you motivated.


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Here you can watch Scheduleify promo teaser video.

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